3. PAPER III (Novel)


1. Answer the following questions. 
(i) What elements in 'Heart of Darkness' appear to be drawn from Conrad's own life?
(ii) What are the unspeakable rites in 'Heart of Darkness'?
(iii) What does the Congo river symbolize in 'Heart of Darkness'?
(iv) How does Conrad complicate the idea of colonization being 'good'? What kind of negative effects does it have on both white and the black men of Africa?
(v) What does darkness represent in 'Heart of Darkness'?
(vi) Trace the role of Russian in 'Heart of Darkness'.
(vii) What is the overall impression of the natives that Conrad produces?
(viii) How does Conrad depict Africans as different from Europeans?
(ix) Which literary devices in 'Heart of Darkness' are proto-Modernist?
(x) Who attacks the steamboat as it reaches the Inner Station?
(xi) Who is the Intended in "Heart of Darkness"?
(xii) What is the major conflict in 'Heart of Darkness'?
(xiii) How are women characterized in 'Heart of Darkness'?
(xiv) What is the message of 'Heart of Darkness'?
(xv) Besides Marlow and Kurtz, other character are not given personal names. Why? 
2. Answer the following questions.
(i) Why does 'Heart of Darkness' have two competing heroes?
(ii) Why does Marlow desire to go to Africa?
(iii) Why is Marlow telling us a story? What does he want to get out of it?
(iv) With what two men does Marlow meet in Brussels?
(v) What are the two types of devils Marlow describes?
(vi) What happens to Marlow after Kurtz's death?
(vii) Why does the doctor measure Marlow's head?
(viii) Name two character symbolizing inefficiency in 'Heart of Darkness'.
(ix) What is admirable about Kurtz's character?
(x) Describe Kurtz's parentage.
(xi) Write a short note on Kurtz's gift of gab.
(xii) When did Kurtz's mother die?
(xiii) Trace irony in the character of Kurtz.
(xiv) What does Kurtz say in his final illness?
(xv) Interpret Kurtz's dying words: 'The horror! The horror!'
3. Major Themes in 'Heart of Darkness'
4. Symbolism in 'Heart of Darkness'
5. 'Heart of Darkness' As a Political Allegory
6. Symbolic Representation of Evil in 'Heart of Darkness'
7. Character Sketch of Marlow
8. Character Sketch of Kuttz
9. Answer the following questions.
(i) Write the names of four novels of D.H. Lawrence.
(ii) What is the setting of 'Sons and Lovers'?
(iii) What is the significance of the title 'Sons and Lovers'?
(iv) Why does D.H. Lawrence adopt the omniscient narrator in 'Sons and Lovers'?
(v) What are the major themes in 'Sons and Lovers'?
(vi) What is Oedipus complex?
(vii) How does 'Sons and Lovers' explore the Oedipus complex?
(viii) What relationships have been described in 'Sons and Lovers'?
(ix) Why is 'Sons and Lovers' a bildungsroman?
(x) What are the elements of Freudian psychoanalysis in 'Sons and Lovers'?
(xi) What is euthanasia? Who are the victims of euthanasia in 'Sons and Lovers'?
(xii) What are the factors that keep Morel family together in spite of their difference?
(xiii) Interpret 'He was an outsider. He had denied the God in him'.
(xiv) Who is Gertrude?
(xv) Who is Walter Morel?
10. Answer the following questions.
(i) Write the names of the children of Gertrude and Walter Morel?
(ii) What is the main reason Walter can't patch things with his family?
(iii) Do you have sympathy for Walter Morel? Why or why not?
(iv) Who is Paul Morel?
(v) Who is Marriam Lievers?
(vi) What goes wring between Paul and Mirriam?
(vii) Why does Mrs. Morel disapprove of Paul's relationship with Mirriam?
(viii) Who is Baxter Dawes?
(ix) Why was Baxter fired from his job?
(x) Why does Paul come to value his relationship with Baxter Dawes?
(xi) Who is Clara Dawes?
(xii) What are Clara's strong and weak points?
(xiii) Who is Annie Morel?
(xiv) Who is Mrs. Radford?
(xv) Who is Arthur Morel? 
11. Major Themes in 'Sons and Lovers'
12. 'Sons and Lovers' As an Autobiographical Novel 
13. Psychoanalytical and Feminist Approaches to 'Sons and Lovers'
14.Symbolism in 'Sons and Lovers'
15. Mother - Son Relationship in 'Sons and Lovers'
16. Walter Morel As a Tragic Character
17. Answer the following questions.
(i) Write the names of four novels of Virginia Woolf.
(ii) What is the function of the 'to' in the title? Why isn't the title just 'The Lighthouse'?
(iii) In how many sections 'To the Lighthouse' has been divided? Also write the names of the sections.
(iv) What is the importance of brackets in 'To the Lighthouse'?
(v) What is stream-of-consciousness?
(vi) What does the lighthouse symbolize in 'To the Lighthouse'?
(vii) How is 'To the Lighthouse' a study of human relationships?
(viii) What is the relationship between the Lighthouse and the novel's narrator?
(ix) What is the effect of the passage of time in 'To the Lighthouse'?
(x) What are some of the main symbols in 'To the Lighthouse'?
(xi) What are the major conflicts in 'To the Lighthouse'?
(xii) How does Virginia Woolf depict marriage in 'To the Lighthouse'?
(xiii) What is the significance of water in 'To the Lighthouse'?
(xiv) What is the place of objectivity and omniscience in 'To the Lighthouse'?
(xv) Would you consider the ending of 'To the Lighthouse' a happy ending? 
18. Answer the following questions.
(i) Who is Mr. Ramsay?
(ii) Who is Mrs. Ramsay?
(iii) Describe the role of Mrs. Ramsay as a perfect host.
(iv) Compare Mr. Ramsay and Mrs. Ramsay.
(v) Is Mrs. Ramsay a net positive, negative, or neutral force?
(vi) Who is Lily Briscoe?
(vii) Discuss Lily as a painter.
(viii) What is the nature of relationship between Mrs. Ramsay and Lily?
(ix) Who is James Ramsey?
(x) Why does James hate Mrs. Ramsay?
(xi) Who is Nancy Ramsay?
(xii) Who is Cam Ramsay?
(xiii) Who is Charles Tansley?
(xiv) Why do the waves make Mrs. Ramsay sad?
(xv) How does Andrew Ramsay die?
19. Major Themes in 'To the Lighthouse'
20. Virginia Woolf As a Novelist
21. Structure of 'To the Lighthouse'
22. Symbolism in 'To the Lighthouse'
23. Stream of Consciousness in 'To the Lighthouse'
24. Characters of Mr. and Mrs. Ramsay
25. Answer the following questions.
(i) From where has Achebe taken the title 'Things Fall Apart'?
(ii) What is the significance of the title 'Things Fall Apart'?
(iii) Describe the Feast of the New Yam.
(iv) What is the meaning of the Igbo proverb, 'When a man says yes his chi says yes also'?
(v) Why had the men of Umuofia called a meeting?
(vi) What role do egwugwu play in village culture?
(vii) What was considered the greatest crime in Umofia?
(viii) Describe the 'isa-ifi' ceremony.
(ix) What does 'Ezigbo' mean?
(x) What were the ingredients that went into making the medicine for 'iba'?
(xi) Give an account of Chielo's journey to Agbala, having Ezinma on her back.
(xii) Why was Okonkow famous?
(xiii) According to the oracle, why do Unoko's crops fail year after year?
(xiv) What does the repetition the the number seven suggest in 'Things Fall Apart'?
(xv) Who brings the pots of wine in 'Uri' ceremony of Obierika's daughter? 
26. Answer the following questions.
(i) Describe an instance of humour in "Things Fall Apart".
(ii) What were Okonkow's greatest fear and greatest passion?
(iii) What are the tragic errors or faults in Okonkow that finally lead to his downfall?
(iv) What is the nature of Okonkow's relationship with Ezinma?
(v) What present was given to Obierika's daughter and her husband by Okonkow?
(vi) Why did Okonkow beat Ojiogo?
(vii) How did Okonkow prove himself a successful negotiator?
(viii) Why is Okonkow against his father?
(ix) Describe the leader of the Egwugwu and his way of addressing the people.
(x) Who was Osu? How was he buried? How was he treated by the villagers?
(xi) Who is Chielo and why is she important?
(xii) Describe the relationship between Ekwefi and Ezinma.
(xiii) In what ways does Reverend James Smith differ from Mr. Brown?
(xiv) Why does Okonkow kill himself?
(xv) Why can't Obierika and Okonkow's other friends bury Okonkow's body? 
27. Major Themes in 'Things Fall Apart'
28.  Symbolic Significance of the Title 'Things Fall Apart'
29. 'Things Fall Apart' As a Tragedy
30. Female Characters in 'Things Fall Apart'
31. Okonkwo As a Tragic Hero
32. Comparison Between 'Heart of Darkness' and 'Things Fall Apart'
33. Answer the following questions.
(i) Write the names of four novels of William Golding.
(ii) What is the setting of 'Lord of the Flies'?
(iii) What is the significance of the title 'Lord of the Flies'?
(iv) Why does Golding use British schoolboys in 'Lord of the Flies'?
(v) What are the major theme of 'Lord of the Flies'?
(vi) How do the boys happen to come to the island?
(vii) What is the role of religion in the lives of the boys?
(viii) What is the purpose of the expedition of Jack, Ralph and Simon?
(ix) What role does the conch play in 'Lord of the Flies'?
(x) How and why do the boys make fire?
(xi) Who or what is the Lord of the Flies?
(xii) Interpret 'The head is for the best. It's a gift'.
(xiii) Interpret 'Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood'.
(xiv) What does the dead parachutist symbolize?
(xv) Why does the boys' plan for rescue fail? 
34. Answer the following questions.
(i) Who is Ralph?
(ii) What strong qualities does Ralph have?
(iii) Why does Ralph call a meeting?
(iv) What happens when Ralph blows the conch?
(v) Who is Piggy?
(vi) What is the significance of Piggy's plea to join the expedition?
(vii) Who is Jack?
(viii) Why is Jack unable to kill the pig?
(ix) Describe the relationship between Ralph and Jack.
(x) Why does Jack paint his face?
(xi) Why does Jack deny that the best is dead?
(xi) Why does Simon go to the bower?
(xii) What important qualities do Ralph, Simon and Piggy have that the other boys seem to lack?
(xiv) Who are Sam & Eric?
(xv) Who are 'the littluns'? 
35. Major Themes in 'Lord of Flies'
36. 'Lord of Flies' As an Allegorical Novel
37. Golding's Art of Characterization
38. Role of Fear in 'Lord of Flies' 
39. Characters of Ralph and Simon
40. Salient Features of Modern English Novel

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